RFI Industries Modular RF Shielded Enclosures
The S800-series of modular RF shielded enclosures are based on a series of interchangeable panels which can readily be installed, modified or expanded, and incorporate the latest techniques and developments in shielding engineering,. The S800-series of modular enclosures can easily be installed in enclosed areas utilising a free standing framing system that allows erection from inside the enclosure.

RFI Industries Agency Products
Cernex, Dare, Fischer Custom Communications, JFW, Laird, Laplace, Messtec, Omega, Prana, RFI Industries, Schwarzbeck, Solar Electronics, Steward Ferrites, Sunol Sciences, TMD

RFI Industries EMC Laboratories
The EMI/EMC Laboratory division offers a wide range of EMC testing capabilities to local and international standards such as AS/NZS (C-tick), EN (CE Mark), IEC, CISPR, FCC, VCCI, MIL STDS, DO160, ANSI, IEEE, SAE, VDE, and more. The Laboratory can handle EMC testing for a wide variety of items ranging from small household appliances to large military vehicles.

R.F.I. Industries Pty Ltd has ceased trading.
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